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Face Down Equipment

Our Face Down Recovery Equipment Package provides face down support for patients recovering from Vitrectomy eye surgery. Our face down recovery rental equipment package includes a face down chair for seated support, a face support for face down sleeping, a two-way mirror, extra pads, pad covers, instructional videos and toll-free support.

Our quality face down recovery equipment package is made in the USA. Next day shipping is included with all face down equipment rentals. Same-day shipping is available in some areas. We can send our face down recovery equipment to Hawaii and Alaska or an additional fee.

Face Down Chair Support
Face Support
Face Support

According to American Academy of Ophthalmology of San Francisco, California, “You can buy or rent special equipment designed to make your recovery period more comfortable and convenient. These include adjustable face-down chairs, tabletop face cradles, face-down pillows, and face-down mirrors. The face-down chairs, cradles and pillows support your head or body so that you can read, write, sleep and eat more easily and comfortably during the recovery period. The face-down mirror allows you to see people and objects around you without having to turn them upside down. You can still watch television and have face-to-face conversations with visitors. Your ophthalmologist can help you order the equipment or suggest other ways to make your recovery period more comfortable.”

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